How To Verify Google AdSense Account Without PIN?

How To Verify Google AdSense Account Without PIN ?

I’m publishing an article today about how to verify Google AdSense account without using PIN. Google AdSense is a well-known and dependable technique to monetize your site. Many people ask about google AdSense earnings per click, So google Advertisers are charged per ad click by Google. Publishers receive 68 percent of all clicks (or 51 percent when it comes to AdSense for search). The commission you get is largely determined by the niche’s competition and CPC. The commission per click might range from $0.20 to $15 in practice. The majority of niches pay publishers less than $3 per click.

It is a straightforward, strong, and widely used source of revenue for publishers and webmasters. However, because of Google’s regulations, getting your blog approved is quite difficult. Google conducts further verification processes after your account is accepted. Google verifies your account by checking the address of the account holder. Google sends a PIN code to your address to authenticate your address and identity before sending money.

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When Google Sends Pin Code?

When you create a Google AdSense account, Google Adsense login, and receive clearance from Google AdSense to publish ads on your site or blog, it begins to display ads on your blog. Once your earnings have crossed $10, Google sends a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to your Payee Profile address to verify the account holder’s address. PINs usually take 2-4 weeks to arrive, but they may take longer depending on your region. Google will mail your PIN on a 4.5 x 6-inch white postcard (11.4 x 15.2 cm). The PIN is four digits long. After that, you must input this PIN into your account (the pin Adsense sends).

If the PIN does not arrive at your address, Google will allow you to request it twice more. You have three attempts to verify your address in total. The Google Address Verification PIN is the same in all circumstances. Your account will be suspended if you enter the wrong PIN three times.

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What if the PIN Code does not reach after Three Attempts?

Google recognizes that after three attempts, the publisher may not obtain the PIN. It could be due to poor postal service or because your address is in a rural location. For this, Google has given a workaround.

Keep in mind that you have four months from the time your initial PIN is generated to submit your PIN. Google will stop showing advertising on your blog if you do not provide the PIN.

How To Verify Google AdSense Account Without PIN Code?

Google has made it possible to validate your Google AdSense account without using a PIN code. You must supply a proof of identity document that includes your Payee Name and the valid address that you have listed in your Google AdSense account. Any of the following documents can be used as ID proof:

  • National ID Card
  • Driving License
  • Electricity Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Aadhaar Card (For Indian publishers)

When Can You Avail This Option to Verify Google AdSense Account Without PIN?

You can utilize this option only after you’ve tried three times and still haven’t received your PIN. Follow the instructions below:

  • Use your login credentials to access your Google AdSense account.
  • If you have not validated your account after asking the 3rd Click on Notice Option in Google AdSense, you should see a notification top bar (red bar).
  • When you click the “This Form” link, you’ll be taken to another form where you may fill in your Publisher ID, email address, and submit your photo ID and address proof.

Click the ‘Gear’ icon if you don’t remember your Publisher Id. Go to Account Information –> Settings. Your Publisher ID can be found here. It’ll be of the ‘pub-**’ variety.

  • Click On ‘Submit’

That’s it. You will receive an email in a few minutes confirming that you have completed the AdSense address verification process.

Hope that you have understood the procedure of how to verify Google AdSense account without PIN. If you have any queries or feedback, you can leave your comments below.

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