Top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy after selling your terra investment

These cryptocurrencies are some of the best investment options if you are selling your Terra tokens

Many people want to know about the Top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy. Experts have traditionally advised that investors who cannot sustain a loss of more than 20% in the stock market should never acquire equities. The stock market’s appeal, however, has declined since the introduction of Bitcoin and other significant cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies, however, are even more volatile than equities. Those crypto enthusiasts who thought differently now have confirmation, as major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Terra have plummeted. Even stablecoins are ‘de-pegging’ from their tethered currency due to the current state of the crypto market. In 2022, the crypto market has been plummeting, with bigger drops in May than ever before.

Terra wiped away 95 percent of the investors’ wealth, while Bitcoin plummeted below $29,000.As a result, it’s understandable that investors would avoid these volatile digital assets in favor of other cryptocurrencies that have performed better. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy in this article.

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Here is 1st from the Top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy Investors have been astonished by Ether’s current price drop following Bitcoin’s meltdown. Despite the fact that bitcoin is recovering from its low point, investors are contemplating other investment choices. Despite the fact that the ETH token is currently at an enormously volatile level, Ether may be a significantly superior investment prospect than Terra. The release of the ETH 2.0 upgrade is also causing a stir and getting investors enthusiastic about Ethereum’s future prospects.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is a native coin of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to push cryptocurrency exchanges to the forefront of financial and economic markets. Despite the fact that Binance Coin is now suffering owing to the fact that practically all crypto exchanges are suffering due to the falling crypto values, Binance Coin may show to be a more rewarding investment than a number of other cryptocurrencies on the market.


Ripple’s native token is XRP. It provides a less expensive and more efficient international transaction processing solution than the widely used SWIFT system. Ripple’s open-source blockchain, XRP Ledger, has the XRP token as its native asset. It operates independently of the Ripple economy and can be used for a variety of reasons by investors.


Cardano’s reputation as an actively evolving blockchain project has not been tarnished by market volatility. It is one of the cryptocurrencies with the quickest growth rates and the largest blockchain to use a proof-of-stake consensus method, which is less energy-intensive than the proof-of-work algorithm.

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Tether, one of TerraUSD’s main competitors, currently sits atop the stablecoin pyramid. Tether has a far higher level of trustworthiness than Terra. Tether’s value plummeted two hours following UST’s, but it quickly recovered. It has efficiently maintained its position around parity with the US dollar, despite the fact that it has not yet attained full parity.


Apecoin ascended to the top of the cryptocurrency market in 2022. It is, in fact, a new coinage that reflects the NFT collection of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Investors have been flocking to the NFT market since the crypto market collapsed, and Apecoin has been performing exceptionally well as a result. Experts feel that, given its current popularity, APE has the potential to eclipse major cryptocurrencies in the future.


Uniswap is a prominent decentralized exchange that allows users to purchase and sell digital currencies without the need for third-party contact. Uniswap reached its market capitalization in the early part of 2022, while all other cryptocurrencies failed to convince investors of their worth. As a result, Uniswap will be a smart investment in 2022.


Avalanche is a decentralized application platform with an open, programmable intelligent contracts framework. Avalanche is one of Ethereum’s main competitors, and it aspires to be one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies for smart contracts. In comparison to classic cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it also has a lot of scalabilities.


After the metaverse became popular among tech executives, Decentraland became a well-known name in the crypto market. The number of Decentraland users has increased tremendously in the last few days, resulting in a large price hike. Decentraland is one of the most popular metaverse cryptocurrencies, and it is assisting in the creation of a domain that will deliver extremely immersive and thrilling experiences.

The Sandbox

Another metaverse coin that has recently seen a surge in value is Sandbox. Despite the fact that the crypto market is currently in a vulnerable situation, the SAND token has maintained a steady reputation as a profitable investment due to the metaverse’s growing popularity.

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