In 2021, Top Six Project Management Certifications

Top Six Project Management Certifications.

In 2021, Top Six Project Management Certifications. PMCs, or Project Management Certifications, can provide you a competitive advantage and help you advance in your career while also fostering long-term professional growth. You may think of it as your career accelerator, since it will provide you global recognition in the software sector market, enhancing your reputation. According to studies, when managed by a trained professional such as a Certified Project Manager, more than 70% of organisations are able to extract high-performing project results, and the need will undoubtedly rise by 2027.

Still debating whether or not to make a career change! Take a look at the top PMCs that many IT businesses would consider before hiring you for PROJECT MANAGEMENT jobs in 2021.

1st PRINCE2 Certification (Principles and Practices in Project Management)

Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE) is a short acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. You might be wondering why the number 2 comes after this! This is due to the fact that it was relaunched in October 1996, just after it began to gain global reputation among many potential employers. In addition, PRINCE2 is a three- to four-year advanced-level project management degree rather than a certification at a cost of roughly 900 US dollars (accredited by AXELOS Ltd).

Top Six Project Management Certifications.
Top Six Project Management Certifications.

PRINCE2 Practitioner (beginning at $340) and PRINCE2 Foundation (starting at $200) are two subcategories of this certification. However, you must have achieved at least one of these certifications before enrolling in the Practitioner one: PMP, CAPM, PRINCE2 Foundation, or IPMA Certification. The good news about the certification is that the modules of PRINCE2 certification will transmit the management and delivery strategies of a current or future project – from start to end – in a business-oriented way.

All you have to do now is start honing your project management abilities with this certification’s performance-based lessons (while bearing in mind the requirements) that are applicable to real-world IT issues.

2nd Certification by the CAPM

CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management in its complete form. This is an excellent option for those seeking global recognition in the project management field at the entry level. Consider whether this certification necessitates practical experience! No, you do not need to show any expertise enhancing the credibility of current quality metrics throughout a project’s lifetime (from initiation to closure).

However, some requirements, such as a secondary degree and 1500 hours of experience with any of the projects you want to manage or oversee, cannot be avoided.

This certification costs 225 USD for members and 300 USD for non-members, with a 5-year validity period and no obligation to renew PDUs (Professional Development Units). However, in order to preserve your CAPM certification, you must earn up to 15 PDUs every three years. This eliminates the need for you to look for another means to improve your project management abilities in an effective and legitimate manner.

3rd Certification as a PMP

PMP is the Project Management Institute’s industry-relevant Project Management Professional Certification. Putting a value on it! Alright! This certification may effectively cover the voids left by Project Management Professionals, who are constantly in demand due to their expertise, competency, capability, and knowledge in terms of project management solutions for changing client needs. There are, however, some requirements for this three-year certification programme, which are constrained by the limitations of COST, SCOPE, and TIME. A secondary or four-year professional degree in the relevant subject is the initial step.

Second, you have 35 hours of PM (Project Management Training or Education) to contribute. The third is your competitiveness in coordinating and managing management initiatives with 7500/3500 hours of experience (with no compromise on business ethics). Concerned about the cost! The certification costs 405 USD for PMI members and 555 USD for non-members (for non-PMI members). All you have to do now is investigate the agile project management methods that this certification will provide, and you’ll be well on your way to being a trustworthy and competitive project manager.

4th Certification as a CSM

The CSM (Certified Scrum Master) certification is a means of forming an association with Scrum. You might wonder what Scrum is. It’s a framework that allows you to apply Agile Software Engineering concepts to not only build and deliver products, but also to ensure their long-term viability in a variety of complex and demanding situations. It’s not a terrible idea to focus on being a Scrum Master, but you’ll need to become more agile using the Scrum Alliance’s CSM Certification learning techniques. The cost of this certification with a two-year validity period ranges from $995 to $1395 USD.

I’m wondering whether there are any prerequisites! No, you can undoubtedly rest now, and all you need to remember is to pay attention when attending lectures on the Scrum structure and lifecycle. With this approach, you not only enhance your Scrum abilities, but you also ensure that the team(s) you manage are committed to continual improvement while effectively completing the projects they are assigned.

5th PMI-ACP (Project Management Institute) Certification

The Project Management Institute offers the PMI-ACP Agile Certified Practitioner Certification. Consider how you may improve your flexibility in existing projects that need Agile methods! This certification, which includes numerous options such as Kanban, XP, Lean, TDD (Test-Driven Development), and Scrum, will undoubtedly be a smarter decision. However, there are several requirements that cannot be overlooked. The first need is a High School Diploma or an Associate Degree in Agile Development.

Second, you have a total of 2000 hours of experience leading Agile projects that require strong collaboration abilities as well as technologies and approaches with a faster reaction time. If you don’t have such experience, you can rely on your Agile Management Industries references. Then, by enrolling in this certification, which costs between 490 and 640 dollars, you will be able to keep up with market trends. If you want to keep your certification valid in the future, you’ll need to acquire 30 PDUs in Agile subjects every three years.

6th CompTIA Project + Certification offered by CompTIA.

CompTIA Project+ certification costs about 285 dollars and is accredited by CompTIA Project Co. This certification has no set term, however if you have a year of project management experience, it will be beneficial to you. Indeed, this certification is more comprehensive than other Project Management certificates recommended by industry professionals since it will assist you in managing the complete lifecycle of small-to-medium sized projects by thoroughly addressing the essential project management principles.

These concepts include ensuring proper communication among the current manageable project’s resources, properly documenting project management plans, monitoring and controlling the performance of various project modules, and performing various project closure activities while keeping in mind the project’s risks and other constraints. A factor that must be overlooked is that this certification is well-targeted towards particular mindsets in the IT sector, namely business people, who are capable of finishing the job at hand with the correct attitude.

Despite this, the certification is self-paced, and its time-saving training modules filled with numerous project management disciplines have the ability to continue your learning process at any point of your preparation.

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