ICTP Prize 2022 International Centre for Theoretical Physics

International Centre for Theoretical Physics ICTP Prize 2022

Another fantastic opportunity is available from Opportunities Circle. For ICTP Prize 2022 nominations are now being accepted. Candidates for this Prize must be recent graduates from underdeveloped countries who have made outstanding contributions to physics. The winner of the prize will also receive a certificate, a sculpture, and cash.

In 1982, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics Prize was established by Nobel laureate Abdus Salam. The goal of the international prize is to recognize the remarkable and unique contributions made to physics by young researchers from underdeveloped nations. Additionally, it promotes and supports advanced physics and mathematical research. The goal of ICTP is to help scientists grow in their careers. Additionally, it strives to give them the skills and ongoing education they require for successful careers that last a lifetime. The International Centre for Theoretical Physics has been instrumental in halting the exodus of scientists from underdeveloped nations. The Indian theoretical physicist Ashoke Sen (1989), who received the prize in 2012, is among its previous winners. APPLY FOR UNDP Internship Program 2022.

Outstanding young scientists have a great chance to be recognized internationally for their achievements as well. The candidates’ ability to advance in their careers will be aided. The prize application date is 30 September 2022. Check United Nations Internships | UNCHR, UNDP, UNICEF, WFP, WHO.

Details about the ICTP Prize 2022

Financial coverage: Fully Funded
Eligible Regions: Developing countries
Deadline: September 30, 2022.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the requirements for the ICTP Prize:

  • A contender for the ICTP Prize may be nominated by anyone.
  • For the 2022 prize, candidates must have received their Ph.D. no more than 12 years prior, especially after December 31, 2010. (or for Women with one child after 31 December 2009, for women with two children after 31 December 2008).
  • Additionally, for the ICTP prize, self-nominations are eligible.


The following advantages will be offered by ICTP thanks to this global award:

  • A certificate will be given to the winner.
  • The sculpture will also be given to them.
  • Additionally, ICTP also issues certificates.

Other details

The following documents are required for candidates to be considered for the ICTP:

  • updated resume with information on birthplace, date of birth, nationality, education, notable positions held, present positions and responsibilities, and noteworthy honors
  • and achievements.
  • The candidate should also outline their scientific accomplishments and suggested citations.
    two recommendation letters.
  • If the following details are given, it will make the ICTP’s selection process easier:
    • extra names of possible referees or proposers
    • List of significant books
    • current phone number and email

Application Process

The Application p[rocess for ICTP Prize 2022 is given below.

  • By clicking the “apply now” link below, you can access the application form.
  • Register yourself first (If not registered already).
  • then give all the information that is requested.
  • Make careful to offer accurate facts and statistics.
  • The ICTP Prize must be submitted before September 30, 2022.

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