Digital Marketing Free Online Courses 2022 at University of Edinburgh

Digital Marketing Free Online Courses 2022 at University of Edinburgh

The Digital Marketing Free Online Courses 2022 application period is currently open. This is a fully funded online course. Leading the charge in helping young people hone their skills in digital marketing is the University of Edinburgh. This course covers digital marketing certification. Recognizing opportunities and risks is made easier by these free online courses from the University of Edinburgh. You may start learning how to develop a strategy for your business the day after you join the free online course in digital marketing with a certificate.

You’ll learn how to create a user persona and have a better understanding of your target audience. The course will teach you about the traits and behaviors of consumers. Additionally, you can apply your skills in actual circumstances and evaluate the outcomes. By enrolling in this marketing course, you can better position yourself for launching your own business. Apply For Free Online Courses | 1,000+ Short Courses Available.

Given that digital marketing is the basis for promotion, any business with a sound strategy may attract customers. As a result, you can learn the skills at the University of Edinburgh’s free online digital marketing course and later start your own firm. It’s a benefit that you can move at your own pace with each step. At the University of Edinburgh, improving participant understanding is prioritized. Related California University Free Online Courses 2023 with Certificates.

Digital Marketing Free Online Courses Details

Country: Online
Host Institute: University of Edinburgh
Financial coverage: Fully Funded
Mode: Online, self-paced
Deadline: Open. Must Check UNICEF Online Free Courses 2023 with Certificates | Certified Courses.


  • There is no charge for the classes.
  • No enrollment cost.
  • Perform a market analysis
  • Recognizing alterations in the digital environment
  • helps you understand the importance of digital marketing.
  • Develop creative and useful solutions as well.
  • Create a customer identity and use it.
  • Make your plans for digital marketing now.
  • When you’re ready, move on to the next level after taking things carefully at first.
  • Choosing a verified/paid track will, last but not least, reward you with a certificate. Must Read Harvard University Free Online Courses 2023 with Certificates.


  • Week 1:Why digital matters in week one.
  • Week 2: How digital has affected product
  • Week 3: How the value proposition is affected by digital
  • Week 4: Technological advancements that marketers need to be aware of
  • Week 5: Online rules
  • Week 6: The voyage of the persona
  • week 7: competitor research
  • Week 8: Development of the digital marketing strategy for the final project

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for the Digital Marketing Free Online Courses 2022 are given below:

  • To enroll in the free online course on digital marketing, the following requirements must be met:
  • Anyone from anywhere in the world is eligible to apply.
  • Any academic discipline’s members are welcome to apply; a degree is not necessary.
  • Volunteering is requested of participants for four to six hours per week.
  • They must have a strong internet connection.

How to Apply

Online applications are accepted for the University of Edinburgh’s Digital Marketing Free Online Courses 2022 application period is currently open. This is a fully funded online course. in 2022. To enroll in the course on digital marketing strategy, click the linked link. Set up an account or sign in to an existing one. By selecting the enroll now button, choose the free course option. Please don’t select the verified track (it is a paid track). Select Start Course to start learning after that.

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