we discuss the top 10 DevOps jobs enthusiasts should apply for in June. DevOps is currently very in-demand in the international IT market thanks to tech companies. For aspiring engineers, analysts, or consultants, educational institutions and platforms have begun to provide DevOps courses. A DevOps engineer can apply for several DevOps jobs at lucrative wage packages from IT businesses in 2022. To be hired for DevOps positions in various digital businesses, one should have a fundamental understanding of important ideas and Azure pipelines. Let’s search for the top ten DevOps positions in various. IT firms to apply for in June 2022. Also, Read The Best Car Insurance Companies of 2022.

Top 10 DevOps jobs enthusiasts to look out for in June 2022

1# DevOps Engineer at TCS

Location: Bengaluru

Responsibilities: The primary emphasis will be on cloud system architecture, utilizing automation with DevOps principles, Azure, and AWS. To automate CI/CD with version control automated testing and work on systems management and monitoring tasks, application development is required.

Qualifications: The candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering and have a solid grasp of networking theory and the Linux operating system.

2# DevOps Engineer at OpenText

Location: California

Responsibilities: In order to guarantee the high availability of services, it is necessary to automate and develop scalable processes and environments. In a continuous delivery paradigm, requirements must be identified and incorporated into a scalable platform. It must conduct research, provide tools for improvement, implement system automation technologies, and provide architectural input for system design.

Qualifications: The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline and have appropriate knowledge of infrastructure-as-code tools, cloud computing stack, CI, CD, REST API, VMware, vSphere administration, Google Cloud Platform, and many more technologies.

3# MDM DevOps at Trellix

Location: Bengaluru, India

Responsibilities: In addition to doing data analysis on huge datasets and helping to establish a suitable technological solution for data cleansing and archiving, responsibilities include analyzing and developing business rules in Informatica MDM. With the creation of design papers, MDM technical solutions, and many other things, one must create and maintain the application while maintaining data quality.

Qualifications: Candidates must have more than five years of hands-on experience in technical areas such as Informatica MDM multidomain, Oracle DB, Informatica internal structure and execution procedures, migrating subject area-based IDD, sophisticated SQL queries, and Informatica PowerCenter.

4# Application Consultant: DevOps at IBM

This is the Forth job from the top 10 DevOps jobs enthusiasts.

Location: Bengaluru

responsibilities: Among the responsibilities are generating value maps, OKR, KPI, and MVP, as well as understanding client demands and product goals. While tracking and reporting on value realized, it must enable team tasks like narrative mapping, estimating, and road planning.

Qualifications: The candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree, more than 14 years of IT experience, and more than three years of experience as a product owner. It should be possible to advocate for product vision, business vision, product and portfolio strategy, design thinking, and product ownership with enough experience.

5# Unix DevOps Engineer at Ford

Location: Chennai

Responsibilities: The role requires continuous work with Unix operating systems, Red Hat LVM, SUSE LVM, Python, VMware, Linux server functionality, and many other platforms to support DevOps tools for verifying the proper support mechanisms fully functional.

Qualifications: A B.E., B.Sc., B. Tech., or M.Sc. in any technical field is required, as well as five to eight years of practical experience. A solid understanding of the ITIL/Agile process, the VRA/VRO orchestration platform, and at than two years of experience in daily Unix operations are required.

6# DevOps (HCL Commerce)- Trainee at Valtech

Location: Bengaluru, India

Responsibilities: With the installation of security and the configuration of the Azure cloud platform, there should be an emphasis on designing and deploying on the Kubernetes platform.

Qualifications: The applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree in a technical subject and have appropriate expertise in the Azure and Kubernetes platforms.

7# DevOps Engineer, AFT OpsTech SNOW at Amazon

Location: Hyderabad

Responsibilities: In order to define success and support the global expansion of the Amazon Fulfillment Network, it is necessary to proactively address pain points by enhancing the processes and systems.

Qualifications: The candidate must possess a B.E./B.S. in a technical subject and have more than four years of experience in development and technical support, as well as more than two years in a post requiring highly technical support. AWS, Python, database concepts, monitoring systems, and various dashboards like ELK and Splunk should all be thoroughly understood.

8# DevOps AKS_Staff at EY

This is the 8th job from the top 10 DevOps jobs enthusiasts.

Location: Bengaluru, India

Responsibilities: Creating Azure pipelines for CI/CD and building up Azure infrastructure while automating infrastructure provisioning to Azure pipelines are among the duties. Writing scripts to automate routine processes and linking them with necessary Azure pipelines are vital.

Qualifications: The applicant must hold a degree in engineering, information technology, or computer science and have practical experience with Microsoft Azure. There should be an appropriate understanding of the release management process, Windows and Linux administration, fundamental DevOps concepts, and Terraform.

9# DevOps- Analyst/Consultant at Deloitte

Location(s): Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Mumbai

Responsibilities: Developing talents in a portfolio to reflect the fusion of well-known brands is one of your responsibilities as you progress toward the expectations for integrated solutions. It directs and coordinates the Go-Live operations, disseminates information about the release, and puts branching and CI processes into practice. The position requires doing release readiness assessments, keeping track of important data, and managing it while learning about new software development.

Qualifications: The candidate must hold both domain certifications and B.E./B. Tech/MCA/MSC/MSP degrees, as well as relevant experience in Salesforce release management, SFDX, CI process, DevOps tools, and platform developer certifications.

10# Sr. DevOps Engineer at Cognizant

This is the last job of the top 10 DevOps jobs enthusiasts.

Location: Kolkata, India

Responsibilities: Developing unique scripts to support the continuous integration and deployment processes as well as integrating several continuous integrations and deployment solutions for automation are among the responsibilities. While implementing a release automation solution, it is crucial to create packaging and deployment documentation for the ultimate production deployment.

Qualifications: The applicant must be a graduate with years of experience in delivery management, DevOps dashboards, and release automation, among other areas.

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